Men’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Each year it gets harder and harder to shop for him because I feel like I got him great presents the year before. So I really gotta step up my game and get creative. I pride myself in buying Brice the best gifts for him so I am always trying to come up with something that he would love and actually get use out of. There is nothing I hate more than buying something that isn’t going to be used. I put a lot of thought into it gift giving and it is something I really enjoy doing! So hopefully my gift list for Brice & my Dad (& all the other men in my life) will be useful in sparking some gifts or ideas for your loved ones! Let’s get shopping!! I listed my top big gifts first and then linked all my favorite smaller presents.

  1. This year one of the most exciting presents I am going to give Brice is a KnackBag. It is THE backpack. I found this brand earlier this year when I collaborated with them on instagram. At first, I thought it was just another backpack and it was nice but nothing special. But then it arrived and I became the ultimate KnackBag fan. I kid you not, I switched to this bag and literally have not gone a day without it yet. It is not the type of bag that you will use and then put it away, it will literally replace all of your other bags. It is my purse, diaper bag, computer bag, carry on and suitcase all in one, It has every compartment you can think of and it is still compact and easy to carry. They even added a travel laundry bag for your dirty clothes, like how fancy! That is one of my favorite features. They literally thought of everything. This is a great gift for themen in your life or actually anyone! We already have the medium blue one but I am getting him the large black one next.

2. The next gift I am super excited about is this massage gun! I really wanted to get him this theragun which I have heard amazing things about and it is supposedly totally worth the price, but it is just not what I want to spend my money on right this second so I settled for this dupe from amazon that has amazing reviews! I will keep you posted to let you know how it works and will have my eyes out if the theragun ever goes on sale! This gift is super useful and a great gift if your loved one works out or has a physically demanding job or even just works at a desk all day. Gotta work out all those knots!

3. This Air Fryer was something I thought of last minute because my parents got one and after I saw it I was like this is perfect for Brice. It is easy to use and has so many amazing features it fries, toast warms, bakes, dehydrates and so much more. Awesome for anyone that loves working in the kitchen or anyone that loves yummy food! So easy to use! Can’t wait for him to cook me some hash browns in this thing! Here is a link for a cheaper option too!

4. This smart meat thermometer is something that my Dad is super excited about and really wanted to buy for himself. We tried to hold him off so we had something to get him for christmas that he would actually love. He loves to grill and apparently this is like the best of the best. It is a perfect gift for anyone that loves to grill or cook! This is the link for the less expensive version that comes with one probe verse four.

5. This gift is another one for my Dad. He wears his reading glasses all the time and these are ones that he saw that he really likes, they’re auto-focusing reading glasses! How fancy haha

Here are some of my other go to gift items that I usually get each year! I linked every picture below so you can shop directly through them!

I usually always get him his favorite underwear and socks. Pair of thieves are our favorite underwear and socks! They are so comfortable and soft! Nikes are his favorite socks for working out! These are great staple gifts because everyone always needs underwear and socks!

Sneakers are another great gift for all the boys in your life! You can never have enough shoes. Brice wears his everyday. You can get more athletic styles or ones that are more stylish for outfits. Men get a lot of use out of sneakers.

I also love to gift a nice watch for Christmas. Fossil has great deals around this time of year and I love that they offer free engraving. It makes it so personable and adds that special touch.

I used to get him this speaker from amazon and I still love it but he needs something more durable and bigger so I am going with the JBL one. The amazon one is under 20$ and so useful and easy to bring around but it definitely is not as durable for life with a toddler lol. Hopefully the JBL one will be able to keep up with him. I also linked the airpod pros. This is an old christmas gift that my Dad and Brice love. They use them everyday! If they don’t have airpods yet, they will love them! I also linked the amazon wireless earphones below if you are looking for a cheaper option and are not so worried about quality or longevity.

Here are some other gift ideas for the different sides of the men in your life! I will add things as I continue to do our shopping to keep you updated for this holiday season! Happy shopping and hope this helps you! Thanks for letting me help!

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